Manufacturing capacity
"Keep improving, continuous improvement" is our eternal quality policy and goal.

We guarantee the output of high-quality products with meticulous and strict management, take the development and production of high-quality products and provide customers with satisfactory services as the primary task, and establish an internal quality assurance system that is higher than international and domestic standards and customer requirements. Implement comprehensive and whole-process quality management. Longyuan has established a physical and chemical center including metal mechanical properties, chemical composition analysis, and non-destructive testing. The main testing equipment are: direct reading spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, penetration flaw detection, metal tensile testing machine, Charpy notch testing machine, hardness testing, thickness gauge, universal material testing machine, chemical analyzer, water Pressure testing machine, etc., to ensure that the whole process from material entering the factory to product leaving the factory is under quality control.

  • Hydrostatictest
  • Test Bench
    Test Bench
  • Tensile test
    Tensile test
  • Impact test
    Impact test
  • Material spectrum detection
    Material spectrum detection
  • Tensile test
    Tensile test