service support
Our company always adheres to the principle of "beginning with user needs and ending with user satisfaction"
1. Provide products according to the contract
Provide products that meet the contract and relevant standards and meet the requirements of the working conditions in a timely manner according to the contract, and all responsibility for the technical deviation caused by the company's design and manufacture shall be borne by us.
2. Provide product information to customers
Provide customers with product-related technical information, acceptance information, and quality control original data in a timely manner. Accept the user's on-site supervision and witness, and be responsible for the authenticity and compliance of the information provided.
3. Solve quality problems as soon as possible
If there is a quality problem during the installation and use of the company's products, we insist on solving the problem first and then clarifying the responsibility to ensure the user's production and installation progress.
4. Reply within 6 hours and arrive at the scene within 48 hours
Customers need the following services, the company will reply within 6 hours, and arrive at the scene within 48 hours