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People-oriented, attracting talents, using talents, cultivating talents

In Longyuan, in order to fully develop the talents of employees and cooperate with the work of the group, we are committed to training and work together to create a dynamic and vital enterprise. Build a harmonious and healthy development environment with a high sense of social responsibility to make the society better because of our existence! Longyuan provides a variety of learning opportunities for new employees to quickly integrate into the company and continuous development of current employees:


Strengthen the construction of talent platform

Helping the sustainable competition and development of enterprises

Through the joint establishment of professional field classes, a talent training model of alternating engineering and learning, learning by doing, and learning by doing is formed


Explore talent training mode

Collaborative transformation of talents into industrial achievements

Combining the future technological development of valve enterprises and the company's advantages, explore a demand-oriented talent training model


Explore the deep integration of production and education

Gather high-skilled talents to form innovation synergy

Strive to be a benchmark, develop high-skilled talents, share resources, and join forces to achieve school-enterprise co-integration and school-enterprise win-win