Huifeng Renhe Environmental Protection Large Diameter Electric Isolation Gate Valve Successfully Completed

Posted: 2022-05-07 17:31:06 Hits:

The large-diameter low-voltage bypass inlet electric isolation gate valve (Z962Y-160V F91 DN700) purchased by Jiangsu Huifeng Renhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. from our company was officially completed recently. It is ID699×31, the material is A335P91, and the designed flow rate is 350t/h. It is a large-diameter gate valve. It has certain technical difficulties in design and installation. Buyer Shipment Notice stage.

The large-diameter low-pressure bypass inlet electric isolation valve is a wedge-type gate valve and adopts a wedge-type double gate structure. . The angle can be adjusted freely to achieve a good fit with the two valve seats. The wedge angle of the gate seal can be automatically adjusted by the center hinged spherical surface, so the processing accuracy of the wedge angle of the sealing surface is low. When the temperature changes, it is not easy to be stuck, and it is not easy to cause scratches. When the sealing surface of the gate plate is worn, a gasket can be added to the top center to compensate for it, which is convenient for maintenance. The disadvantage is that the structure is complex, the parts are many, and it is not suitable for viscous media. Since the gate is movably connected, it is easy to cause the gate to fall off after long-term corrosion. Usually installed vertically on pipelines for water and steam media.
The wedge-type double gate structure can solve the following problems that are easily generated by the wedge-type single gate structure in actual working conditions: if the valve body is subjected to unexpected pressure or torque, it may cause the valve body to be twisted, but the double gate structure It still opens normally because the seat sealing load is removed before the gate attempts to open. If the valve body is only slightly twisted, the individual gates can move along their respective seats. When the valve is closed, the temperature change will not cause the gate wedge dead. This valve is designed for sizes DN50 to 600 (NPS2 to 24). The valve body materials include carbon steel, chromium molybdenum steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy, etc., and the working temperature range can reach -196 ~ 816 ℃.
In this project, under the correct leadership of the company's leaders, all members of the project department set up a standardized project department management system with the company's policy and goals as the center, effectively promote the construction technology management work, and strengthen the implementation of the company's engineering quality system and implementation, enterprisingly complete various tasks assigned by the company, solve technical problems encountered in construction, formulate and optimize construction plans, improve various construction change designs, and strengthen the coordination of various units and departments. In order to better complete the next production task, the company must conscientiously sum up experience and draw lessons, hoping to meet more and more demand-side cooperation in the near future with better and better company status.